Designed for Libraries, Preschools, Birthday Parties and Community Centers

“Your skill, presentation style and obvious love for your craft (art!) kept the audience both spellbound and engaged. If I had to choose one word to describe the event from start to finish, I believe I would choose CAPTIVATING!” – Pat T., Librarian

Max capacity: 200
Space requirements: 10 x 10 x 10
Load In: Check in/set up time: 45 minutes
Performance Length: 60 minutes. Includes pre/post show demonstrations and “meet and greet” the puppets.
Load out: 30 minutes
To schedule a show or for more information, contact: Deborah Browne, or 503.975.5966.


Based on the beloved book by Janell Cannon,
our rendition of this charming
story is full of excitement, adventure, and
big laughs. Come along as our adorable
fruit bat friend, Stellaluna, learns just what
it takes to be a bird, a bat, and a friend.

Tortoise and the Hare
This hilarious fractured rendition of the well-known
folktale will get your hands clapping and your toes
tapping. Set in the 1940’s, the soundtrack features songs
from such artists as Cab Calloway, Al Bowlly, The Delta
Rhythm Boys, and the Four Vagabonds. Get ready for a
swinging good time and BIG LAUGHS!

The migration of the monarch is one of the most
inexplicable phenomena in nature! From the tiny
caterpillar traversing a world of miniature obstacles
to the beautiful and brave butterfly who dares to fly
for thousands of miles, Mon the Minnesotan Monarch
takes you from Canada to Mexico and back up
through the states again on this astonishing journey
of determination and wonder, served up with a
heapin’ hotdish of Minnesotan hospitality!

Vain Little Mouse
A bilingual (Spanish/English) folktale from
Venezuela, our tiny heroine thinks herself much too
fine to accept the proposal of a common mouse, as in
love with her as he may be. Indeed, she sets her
sights on ‘worthier’ matches, like the sun, the wind,
and the mountain. Yet, her search for a perfect suitor
worthy of her love brings her right back to the
romantic little mouse who first proposed. Only now,
La Ratoncita has learned to see her admirer’s true
worth, not to mention the importance of being
humble… at least a little. This production features
Venezuelan folk music, a puppet set shaped like a
Venezuelan tabletop mountain, adorable puppets,
and a costumed performer.