The Toad Prince – Information Kit

Indri, born with the head and hands of a toad, watches over the Magical Healing Waters. Seeing that Indri has grown sad and bitter due to his appearance, his mother, a water sprite, tells him that he will become beautiful if he finds virtue and sits with it for 9 days. One day a villager, Mingli, comes to buy healing waters for his son. Indri agrees, and visits their house hoping that by helping Mingli, he will become virtuous and beautiful. When this does not happen, he leaves in frustration. After Indri returns home, Mingli and his servant Xiaochou sneak into Indri’s garden to steal his orchids. Upon finding this out, Indri conjures a magical guardian, the dragon Lung, to guard his garden. Hoping to again get the magical waters to cure his ill son, Mingli returns to plead with Indri but is told that the price he would have to pay for the water is his own head. Mingli visits the Wise Mandarin for advice. but leaves chastised for being greedy. In despair, Mingli asks his servant to chop off his head but they are interrupted by his daugher, Meinu. Meinu appeals to Indri, who remembers her kindness when he had visited her father’s house. Seeing that Meinu is indeed virtuous, Indri agrees that he will grant Mingli the Healing Waters if Meinu will stay with him for 9 days. In this time, Indri and Meinu enjoy each others company and find themselves happy. On the last day, however, Indri sends Meinu home, finally learning to care more for another than himself. Upon learning the virtue of benevolence, Indri finally transforms into a human.


Basic technical
Duration: 45 minute production with any of the following: a brief audience Q&A, followed by a “until we’re asked to stop” hands-on from the stage-edge demonstration.
Minimum stage dimensions: 4.6m x 3.9m x 3.9m (15’L x 13’W x 13’H).
Minimum stage with our lighting dimensions: 6m x 6m x 3.8m (20’L x 20’W x 13’H)
Lighting and sound requirements: Adaptable, from 6 instruments to 60. XLR or 1/4 out to your system.

We also carry our own sound and lighting that runs off of 3 standard outlets.

You may write or call Tim Giugni 503.248.0557 x107 for additional answers.


These are low resolution photos. Please ask and we will send you links to the high resolution versions. You will be free to process the images in whatever way you choose.

Reflection Meinu and Indri

Stars Meinu and Indri

Pondering IndriBlue Indri